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Southern Golm

The Nations of Southern Golm

Elven Thanduilin

The elves came to Golm before human memory (in fact, before elven memory as well) from far over the eastern sea.  They crossed half the continent to find Thanduilin, a high mountain vale. There they built their first city-in-exile which eventually became the heart of elven culture in Eldreon. They have since spread through much of the forests, jungles, and plains to the west, and all this land was absorbed into the traditional elven territory and is now also called Thanduilin.

Politically, there are a number of traditionally "royal" houses amongst the elves. A High King rules over Thranduilin Vale itself and delineates the various lesser kingdoms, of which there are currently five. However, the borders of these kingdoms are not fixed, as cities and settlements are relatively free to associate with whichever King they please according to a multitude of customs and traditions. The only exceptions to this are the Crown cities where the five kings have their thrones.


The home of the first great human civilization, the Kadeshi Empire, is now split into two independent nations: Inner and Outer Kadesh. Both nations possess governments and institutions in mimicry of the old empire, though by mutual agreement neither claims the Imperial title - a highly stratified society of class and caste divides the people into a rigid hierarchy. Kadesh is a great center of learning both magical and mundane - especially for the arcane school of Necromancy, which while still viewed with caution is not illegal.

The region known as the Kadeshi desert stretches across the entire continent, forming a natural barrier between Golm proper and the subcontinent of Durnauc. Far from being a homogenous region, there are patches of vast dunes as well as more firm ground upon which a modicum of life scratches out a niche. Rich oases dot the expanse, providing shelters for towns and even entire cities.


A culture founded by and still very similar to Kadesh, Mirem long ago achieved independence in both practice and name. Now they have wealth and prestige of their own, and the Miremese cities are a byword in luxury and excess of every kind.

Haljuk and Brin

 A pair of kingdoms created by ancient Kadesh out of a multitude of warring clans, Haljuk and Brin ceased to have any political unity as soon as Kadesh ceased to enforce and maintain it. Stuck in the mountains and highlands between Kadesh and Golapor, the clans of Haljuk and Brin have always been marginalized, looked down on as thieves and raiders even as they were stolen from and raided by their richer neighbors. This has bred a tough, independent streak into them, and the hillfighters are often convinced by the relative poverty of their homelands to travel the world.


A land of dense jungles, most of the heavily populated areas of Golapor have been hacked out near the coast.  Set apart from its neighbors by the mountains and jungles, the region has always been regarded as a whole, despite never having known political unity in known history. Due to their geographic isolation the land and its peoples tend to have few dealings with the outside world beyond the coastal port cities and few overland trade routes through Haljuk. Recent rumors speak of monstrosities that are crawling out of the dense inner jungles.

The Arkandren Steppes

Though there are several semi-permanent power structures within the steppes, the borders themselves are constantly shifting and so western geographers rarely attempt to delineate individual nations. Lands ruled by humans, orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and even gnoll from the desert exist in the steppes, as well as lands where they all manage to coexist in uneasy terms under the rule of powerful warlords.

The Eastern Shore

Independent city-states  survive on the far side of Golm, mostly inhabited by humans. Notable exceptions include Ultuwen in the south, which is a haven of elven mariners searching for their long-lost homeland, and Inzeldrab in the north, which is a semi-barbaric state most notable for being under the direct rule of an ancient and powerful dragon.

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