Thursday, August 28, 2014


[Map Coming Soonish]

Verrath is a harsh and savage land. It has no teeming cities and no rolling farmlands. What few humanoid towns exist either cling to the coast as trade outposts or shelter inland under the direct protection of Verrath's true masters - the dragons. Dragons exist throughout Eldreon, but it is here that they are most common, and where the teeming, ceaseless numbers of the lesser races have never grown great enough to rival the wyrms as they have in other lands. Dragons, however, have their own squabbles, and Verrath is far from peaceful.

Verrath's geography is dominated by southlands which are by turns temperate and barren, the tundras and glaciers, and the lush and extensive Drau Kosh Jungle that breaks the tundra's hold in between large mountain ranges dotted by volcanoes - a location many scholars believe cannot be entirely natural.

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