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Dwarven Religion

The gods of the dwarves are peculiar in that they seem devoted in particular to the dwarven race, and rarely attract the worship of others (with Childa a notable exception). Even in primeval times, before the birth of the mortal races, the dwarven gods kept largely to themselves. Largely concerned with their own matters, they ignored and were content to be ignored by the other divine beings.

Brigga (Lawful Good)

Venerated as the chief deity of the dwarves, many outsiders forget (or never learned) that Brigga is not the wife of the other (traditionally male) chief deity, Aulgren: Rather, Brigga is Aulgren's mother (and mother of many of the other dwarven gods). She is the Keeper of Tradition, a god of wisdom, lore, and law.

Aulgren (Lawful Neutral)

The Maker, son of Brigga and progenitor of the dwarven race with his now-deceased wife. Aulgren is a god of architecture and masonry, and to a lesser extent all crafts as he is recorded as the inventor of them all.

Addi (Neutral Good) - Deceased

Once the dwarven god of fertility and family, she was murdered by her brother Chadribal due to the deceit of the evil deity known as the Slayer. Her death is regarded in popular myth as the reason the dwarven race reproduces so slowly.

Nazgrim of the Gates (Lawful Good)

Aulgren's brother, the dwarven god of war and patron of soldiers.

Korkhum (Lawful Good)

The Delver, god of miners, quarryers, and prospectors. He is also revered by those who explore the subterranean depths, for his knowledge of stone - and anything that lies beneath it - is unmatched.

Childa (Lawful Neutral)

Childa is a god of coin and commerce, and unlike the other dwarven gods is a favorite amongst merchants of all races, where she competes with other similar gods for devotion.

Chadribal, the Shamed One (Chaotic Neutral)

Always envious of his sister's popularity both with the dwarven race and with other deities, Chadribal was tricked by the evil Slayer into murdering her in a jealous fit. His shame at the act has driven him mad - he escaped justice at the hands of his peers and escaped into the cosmos where he still roams mindlessly. Aulgren has built an inescapable prison for the day his wife's killer is eventually apprehended.

The Slayer (Neutral Evil)

A mysterious and malevolent entity that has bedeviled the dwarven race and their gods since the beginning of time, little is known for sure about the Slayer - even its name is lost. Some myths make him out to be Aulgren's brother, or half-brother (or sister), driven by jealousy at Aulgren's prestige. Many dwarven priests are loathe to consider the Slayer a part of the divine family of their progenitor, and deem the Slayer instead as the original creator and god of the goblins, who have similarly troubled the dwarves for their entire history. Despite his crimes, some dwarves invoke the Slayer as a God of Grudges and Murder.

Ohlen (Neutral)

A nature deity "borrowed" from the elves soon after the two races came into contact, Ohlen is called the God of the Living Rock and Old Man Mountain. In some small measure, worship of Ohlen has taken the place that Addi once filled in dwarven religion, which is respect of life and adulation of the natural world. However, Addi was never truly a nature deity, and thus Ohlen represents something new in dwarven worship.

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