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The mighty continent of Golm has been witness to much of the most sordid history of Eldreon. It is the birthplace of the dwarves, the adopted homeland of the elves, and the home of two of the most powerful human empires in history - both the oldest and the youngest. Beyond the reach of the so-called civilized peoples are vast regions ruled by nomadic human tribes, orc clans, goblin and hobgoblin kingdoms, and still more monstrous things. To the south the great Kadeshi desert dominates nearly a quarter of the continent, and beyond that lies the Durnauc subcontinent.

Due to its immense size, Golm is generally spoken of as three parts - Northern Golm, from the borders of the elven lands to the Frozen Sea; and Southern Golm, which include elven Thanduilin and all lands below; and the subcontinent of Durnauc beyond the Kadeshi desert.

Northern Golm (Main Article)

Recently home to the empire of Oban, after it fractured and fell during the war with the elves it's northern province of Kulmar has become the preeminent power in the north, due in no small part to the unity provided by their devotion to the Father, a deity who claims to be the rightful god of all humankind. Oban's former heartlands (called the Obansul, or Children of Oban) have recovered greatly since the Empire's downfall several hundred years ago, though a strong anti-elven sentiment still runs through the populace.

Further north lie the Aulgrodd mountains - the sovereign realm of the dwaves - and the cold Northern Kingdoms, a deceptively unifying name for these fractious, often-warring peoples, whose blood runs so much hotter than their homelands.

Inland of the rich coastal lands, the varied Valsarian tribes are at constant war with all neighbors, whether they be Kulmar or the Obansul, elves, or hobgoblins, orcs, ogres, and still less wholesome things. Only the dwarves escape their blades, and in fact often work with them to curb invasions from hordes of aggressive humanoids.

Southern Golm (Main Article)

A land of extremes, the south of the continent holds the lush jungles and plains of Thanduilin and the empty deserts of Kadesh. Kadesh itself was perhaps the first great human empire, fed from the rich waters and fertile floodplains of the Illeyn River. Kadesh's glory faded ages ago, however, and its former provinces - which comprised nearly all lands of the south - long ago ceased to pay so much as lip service to their sovereignty. Mirem's jeweled cities have pretensions of their own power, and the fierce hill fighters of Haljuk and Brin ambush Kadeshi merchants as often as each others. Beyond the mountains and southern jungle, the lands around Golapoor are concerned with their own troubles, as dark things have begun to emerge from the shadows beneath the canopy.

North of the desert and east of the elven lands lie the vast steppe regions, inhabited by all manner of creatures and constantly shifting petty kingdoms. Finally, on the eastern coast sit several cities inhabited primarily by humans, oases of sanity on a long-forgotten shore at the edge of the world.

Durnauc (Main Article)

 Beyond the gnoll-prowled wastes of the eastern desert, the lands of Durnauc cling to one of the more remote and inhospitable regions of civilization, kept alive as much by their own tenacity as by the steady trade for their gold and precious gemstones from more comfortable lands.

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