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The continent of Ottrunval was named by the dwarves, who discovered a strange, mystical path between Golm and this new land deep below the earth, through places where the Elemental Plane of Earth lies coterminous with Eldreon allowing stable passage between the two. As a result, Ottrunval is the second great home of the dwarven people, with many great holds nestled within the mountains of the land.

Nations of Ottrunval


One of the old holdings of the Obanese Empire, Rivettia was a popular destination for the tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the elven invasion of the empire. As such it is now a populous land with a strong anti-elven streak, which until fairly recently was enshrined into law. Those laws have now been rescinded to allow lucrative trade with the elven nations, but seeing an elf anywhere but the largest ports is still very rare.


The people of Doruun have a culture and language distinct from their neighbors. It is no longer remembered where they originally came from, but it is certain that the people are not truly native to Ottrunval. Regardless, the Doruunites have thrived in their adopted homeland, and they rival the Belshiran city-states for the trade that plies the Sea of Stones.

Belshiran Federation

A loose league of cities united by a common culture and the desire to remain free of foreign invasion, each Belshiran city-state is an independent entity. Their wealth has been built off a dedication to trade, and the language of Belshi has become known throughout the world as a result, often being the only language merchants from distant lands have in common.


Technically a part of the Belshiran Federation, its landlocked status meant Brimspout required a dedication to something other than trade. Fortunately for them, the hills and mountains nearby have vast stores of iron and other ores. Smelters and blacksmiths are so common they gave the city its current name, and its true name is practically forgotten.


Perhaps the oldest human culture and kingdom of Ottrunval, the Athekorians were the first people the dwarves discovered and befriended. The lore learned from the arriving dwarves gave Athekor a powerful lust for knowledge, and the Royal Library is one of the most sought-after places of learning in the world.


Caught between the powerful kingdoms of Athekor and Encarn, Geresaadians are best known for their struggle to remain under their own rule; a struggle at which they have had varying degrees of success over their history. Geresaadians are also remarkable for having a much larger number of sorcerers and naturally gifted magicians amongst their number, which many scholars attribute to some source of mystical power from out of the dense and trackless Vurkane Forest.


Encarnites are currently the preeminent military power of Ottrunval, and have at certain times in their history project hegemony over much of the continent and parts of Liria as well. Their borders with Geresaad and Athekor are well marked, but to the west there is no check on their ambitions save the rebelliousness of the many towns and settlements in the vast, poorly settled expanse of land; as well as the various violent hordes of humanoids that roam it. Despite this, the sheer power of the famed Encarnite Cataphracts has ensured time and time again that while the hinterlands may suffer, the heartlands remain safe. With the pressure from the clerics of the Father out of Kulmar, Encarn has increasingly identified with its traditional Pantheon instead and a powerful new faith has grown out of the old ways.

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