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Not exactly a wild continent, nonetheless Liria has vast regions where no human, elf, or dwarf roams. The reason for this is as simple as a single word: orcs. Scholars the world over will admit that while the origin of the orcish race is unknown, due to their sheer numbers it is likely that they come from Liria. Only the fact that they war so often with each other keeps them from dominating everything around them, for if they were all united under a single leader than surely no power on the continent could stop them. As one moves west across Liria, populations become fewer and farther between, and only one nation exists in the far west - Braga, the fortress city, more commonly known throughout the world as Mighty Braga.

The drecnan people had their own origins in Liria, but were driven off the mainland by the orcs after centuries of warfare. They resettled across the straits on several large islands, for the orcs are powerless to cross the wall of water in the face of drecnan mastery of the sea.

Nations of Liria


The great power in Liria, the Arimites have several times had imperial ambitions, but always seem to be held short of greatness. The last time they seemed on the verge of bringing the settled lands of Liria under their sway, the vast armies of the Obanese Empire arrived at their shores. Now that Oban has fallen, Arim finds itself competing with Kulmar for who shall be the true power of the next age. Also constantly under threat by orcs from the northern forests, Arim's armies are some of the most disciplined in the world.


In Arim's early history, when it was devouring its neighbors to all directions, a large orcish horde swept out of the forest and began to crush Arimite holdings. The Arimite King rallied his armies, depleted from years of conquests, and went to meet the horde - despite the knowledge that they did not have the troops to beat them back. At the final hour, the full strength of Ilkane appeared and turned the tide. In a meeting following the battle, the Ilkanite King said he would "never choose an orc over a man, even if that man is my enemy." The Arimite King immediately swore that so long as Arim remained a free kingdom, so too would Ilkane.


The last king of Saldemire died hundreds of years ago, and their throne has remained empty for a long time due to the machinations of Arim. The Saldemiren nobility would now not likely accept any ruler above them, content to rule their provinces and fight little wars amongst themselves. Each time Arim has had ambitions of bringing Saldemire into the fold, Kordrae, Konacht, and occasionally other neighbors band together to prevent it. "When the Saldemirens kneel" is Lirian slang for something that will never happen.


A prosperous kingdom notable for orchestrating the founding of the only dwarven hold in Liria, Konacht's Kings - and therefore, their people - have a reputation for ambition. They are also a great naval power, and are one of the foremost forces patrolling the nearby Sea of Stones against piracy. It is rumored that the Saldmiren nobles pay tribute in order to extend these patrols to their own shores. Konacht's prestige is aided in modern times by being the birthplace (though not the current residence) of Torvald, the greatest living wizard in all Eldreon.


Along with their neighbor Konacht, with whom they share culture and language, Kordrae possess a large naval fleet which they use to retain some measure of trade against the competition of the Belshiran Federation in Ottrunval. Indeed, the Belshirans complain that the Kordraen navy engage in piracy as often as they combat it, as the Kordraen King is constantly thinking of new tolls and taxes to levy against any Belshiran ships his navy can catch. It is said that before long the situation will surely come to open war.


Nestled as they are between Arim and the countless savage orcs of the northern forests, Doneal has never in its history known peace. They survive by clinging to the mountains and using their unmatched mastery of ambush tactics and tough fortress settlements. It is not uncommon for Donalese mercenaries to be found elsewhere in the world, plying their hard-won skill at guerrilla warfare for foreign gold.


Much maligned by their northern kin in Doneal, who regard them as soft and fat, Chadreal is certainly a nation which enjoys its comforts. Famous for its bards and storytellers, the Chadralese make good use of the relative safety they enjoy due the blood of others. Many ambitious young Chadralese head north to Doneal and help fight the orcs there, hoping to win fame and join the companies of Donalese mercenaries which fetch such great prices overseas.

Kuth Niren

An ancient conqueror from the lands now called Kordrae and Konacht managed to chase the orcs off a gigantic swathe of the interior. Upon his death he bestowed half his realm upon each of his two favorite children - his daughter Niren and his son Goren. As her realm was the northernmost, Niren's inheritance became a warlike kingdom - and due to Niren's interest in magic, her armies came to blend steel and sorcery into a deadly fusion of technique. The war colleges of the Nirenese possess secrets of battle magic that they do not share with anyone save their own soldiers, who are forbidden to pass it on.

Kuth Goren

Free of the pressure of orcish invasion, the Gorenese instead concern themselves with the politics of humankind, forever involved in one scheme or another to secure a port along the coast so as to increase their wealth. Goren is also notable for having one of the largest populations of halflings of any other nation, who find Goren's geography of little woods and soft rolling hills very pleasant.


Far to the west, at the very tip of Liria, lies Braga. With no neighbors to come to their aid save the occasional helpful fleet of the drecna, Braga stands alone against the constant orcish raids and invasions. On each side of the mountains the way into their lands is guarded by layers of gates and walled passes which grind invaders down before ever getting within sight of the huge fortress city of Braga itself. Every invader that does manage to get that far has been beaten back, often with complete loss. Even dragons, attacking across the sea from Verrath, have been punished for their audacity. Bragans claim - perhaps not without justification - that when the world ends, Braga shall be the last city to fall.

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