Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Common Races of Eldreon

Like other RP settings, Eldreon is home to many different intelligent peoples. Below you will find short descriptions of races eligible to be chosen as PCs, as well as links to further info.


Humans are fractious, energetic, relatively short-lived, and populous. Many distinct nations are ruled and primarily inhabited by humans. They can be found throughout the world of Eldreon.


Halflings are the short cousins of humans. The last independent halfling nations ceased to exist many centuries ago, and they now identify generally with the human nations where they live side-by-side in varying degrees of harmony with taller folk.


A long-lived race with an ancient civilization, the elves have some far-flung settlements but are concentrated in the elven homelands of Thandolin, where several mostly-autonomous nations are united under the authority of the High King. There are also many elves living within the borders of other nations.


Originally hailing from the mighty northern mountain chain of Golm, in ancient times the Dwarves discovered the mystical underground roads that let them colonize the mountains on the distant continent of Ottrunval. Once a race in decline, of late the Dwarves have experienced a resurgence - gaining ground and repopulating once-abandoned holds. Despite this, the seat of the Great Thane - rightful chieftain of all dwarves - remains empty; as it has been for over a thousand years.

Drecna (original race)
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Native to northern Liria, the Drecna were driven from their homelands hundreds of years ago by the many marauding orc tribes of that region. Famous for their skills of navigation and sailing, a sizable portion of their civilization was able to escape over the sea and establish several nations-in-exile. Due to their somewhat brutish looks and prominent sharp teeth, Drecna are occasionally called "Sea Orcs," a misnomer which they passionately hate.

Half-elves and Half-orcs

Both half-elves and half-orcs exist in Eldreon, with the same traits and troubles that their counterparts in Golarion possess.

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